Welcome to Paws Pet Salon!  We are a mobile grooming facility servicing the Minneapolis, MN area. A mobile facility means we bring our full service pet salon to your location, saving you valuable time. Why choose MOBILE GROOMING? High anxiety and/or senior pets With mobile grooming services, your pet is groomed immediately and completely - he/she spends no time sitting in a kennel waiting for a groomer Your pet only has to travel as far as the end of your driveway Your pet is not around other animals or in a noisy environment, rather he/she is in a calm relaxed atmosphere. Cat grooming Cats rarely like to travel in a vehicle - mobile services eliminates this stress on your pet. Your cat is not around dogs or loud animals - allows your pet to remain calm Your cat is still in his/her known territory - resulting in a more relaxed grooming experience for your cat Time With mobile grooming you don’t have to worry about dropping off your pet and picking them back up at the convenience of the grooming salon.  You can get things done around the house, put your children down for a nap without worrying about having to load them back up in the car or any number of tasks waiting to be done - all while your pet is being groomed.  Eliminates dealing with stressful traffic conditions - leave that stress to us. We at Paws Pet Salon take our time and have a great deal of patience with any and all pets from puppies/kittens to seniors.  You can trust that your furry family member is in great hands while in our care and that we provide the least stressful environment possible for the grooming process.  We also believe in quality and safety over quantity! Please browse our website to learn more about us and what we have to offer you and your pet for all your grooming needs.
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Mobile Grooming
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